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Regular servicing

We at Polaris Pools understand that with your busy lifestyles, you don’t always have the time to look after your pool as regularly as you need to. It can be frustrating when all you want to do is dive in, but the pool first needs cleaning, or may even be green.

We can take care of servicing and maintaining your swimming pool so that it is always available for you and your family to jump in, relax and enjoy the benefits of owning your own pool.

Each swimming pool is different in size, shape and construction and again each pool may have various types of filtration, heating, chemical dosing etc. With many years’ experience we are able to undertake a service schedule to suit your needs.

Options available include: -

  • Weekly service
  • Bi-Weekly service
  • Monthly Service
  • Opening / Closing
  • Winter Checks

Simply contact us, tell us your requirements and we will arrange a service schedule that suits your way of life.

A typical service call would include the following action points:

  • Removal of Solar Cover
  • Net pool of floating debris
  • Vacuum pool floor and brush pool walls
  • Empty pump basket
  • Empty skimmer basket
  • Photometric testing of pool water
  • Chemical dosing as appropriate
  • Backwash and rinse sand filter
  • Replace pool cover
  • Check for correct operation of all equipment and report if anything requires attention

A first call out to visit your pool is FREE OF CHARGE at which point we will be able to assess what is required to keep your pool looking great and quote you our best price.

Call on 01304 362223 to arrange a first appointment.


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T 01304 362223
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