Pool opening

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Want your pool opening quickly this year with the minimum of fuss?

Have your pool professionally opened and ready for an enjoyable season.  At start-up, we will perform the following:

  • Remove debris from immediate deck area
  • Remove, fold and store pool cover
  • Reassemble filter, pump, pool cleaner
  • Install ladders, rail, skimmer baskets and accessories
  • Remove winterization plugs
  • Start-up filter system
  • Light pilot on pool heater.  Heater will be left off but ready to operate.
  • Photometric testing of pool water
  • Dosing as appropriate to ensure correct sanitiser levels and water balance
  • Vac pool completely and brush shell where necessary

The exact number of visits required is determined by the water quality on arrival. Rest assured that we shall hand the pool over to you only when we are satisfied that the water is perfectly clean and the pool safe and ready to use.

At the end of the season, we obviously reverse the process, leaving you with a fully dosed and drained down pool ready for the long, cold winter. In the following spring, the pool will be ready to open without delay.

We are happy to make an initial visit to your property free of charge to discuss the opening process with you. At that point, we shall supply a quote for the work required.

To book an appointment, please call 01304 362223